Very little is needed to make a happy life: it is within yourself

Private Coaching

The Motherhood Wellness Edit

The Motherhood Wellness Edit

Coaching Package 

Who is this coaching package for?

Mother’s who answer yes to any of the below statements…- 

  • You feel depleted and exhausted

  • You don’t love the body you are in

  • Your sleep is poor

  • You have a negative relationship with food

  • You self sabotage yourself with food either by binge eating or restriction 

  • You restrict certain food groups and you don’t really know why

  • You over exercise

    What results can you expect after the 6 weeks?

  • Renewed Energy and vitality

  • Feel more in control of your health and wellness

  • Improved body image and confidence

  • A personalised wellness plan to follow after the 6 weeks

    (Side effects - Increased happiness)



Jenny - Mum of Two

Coming to see you, you taught me how to reshape a life time of twisted thoughts and inturn changed my mindset!!! Totally liberating!! I realise that this isn’t a quick fix and takes time and work! Throughout this process with you I have felt completely supported and the realisation that I’m not the only person who thinks like this is comforting...I’m not a total freak after all 🤪

The 1:1 sessions with you were comfortable and totally enjoyable and I left each session with a renewed sense of clarity and ease of self. This was carried through the week with the help of your messages and emails.
Thank you so much
You’re a star 🌟

How will the 6 weeks look?

Week 1 

We get clear on what your trigger points are by tracking your emotions over this first week

Week 2 

We will look at your individual trigger points and introduce new habits and coping strategies

Week 3 

How do your new habits feel? Together we will develop self love practices which won’t feel like another item on your to do list

Week 4 

Retook at food and movement look to you. What works best for you and your body? 

Week 5 

Body image and comfort - how does this look for you 

Week 6

Get clear on a step by step plan that works and get the right support to ensure it is comfortable for you and how you want your new life to look 

Cost:- A Charitable Donation of your choice on my Just Giving Page

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