Wellness Recovery and Children

“Recovery begins at exactly that moment when you are completely broken to pieces and must surrender to unfamiliar and uncomfortable ways in order to be rebuilt into who we were meant to be”

If you are feeling overwhelm or are on a recovery journey I urge you to start practicing self care today whatever that might look like for you, even it is making yourself a tea and sitting down to drink it for 5 minutes, you will be amazed how magical that moment will feel.

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Celebrate where you are at Now

Start to Celebrate your Life as it is now; look at your life as it is now and see the ‘one day’ goals you may already be living, for me at this time I had my health, I had two healthy children I didn’t think was possible. Maybe for you it is a house you are living in, your role, your career, a relationship friends.

There are so many aspects of yourself and your life that are going amazingly well. Focus on these aspects. A gratitude journal is a great practice to concentrate your thoughts on your current abundance instead of focusing on lack. 

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How do you want to feel in 2019? (Part 1)

I love the excitement and endless possibilities of a new year, like starting a new book where there is so much to discover create and experience. However resolutions and goals can make the New Year filled with dread especially if you have made yours in response to something a friend or family said, or you feel you should be achieving it as that is what is portrayed in the media or you feel FOMO around something and it goes on your list.

I want to look at 2019 differently and start with how I felt feeling and what we can do to feel the way we want to feel.

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New Year Self Care Refresh

The Holiday Season for most of us myself included is extremely busy but fabulous all at the same time. However after all the memories have been made, the last mince pie has been eaten and the decorations we can sometimes feel like we need a holiday to recover. I often think the reason for this is we don’t take as much time for ourselves as we are busy socialising, catching up with friends/family or preparing for the next visit.

I thought January is the perfect time to refresh our self practice if you already have one. Or it is the perfect time to add it to one of your intentions for the new year.

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