“Always believe something wonderful is about to happen”


I’m Sallyann Ryder.

Health and Wellness Coach for Mother’s, I love a superfood and I am obsessed with empowering mothers to feel good in their bodies and fall in love with themselves and their life.

A Health and Wellness Coach for Mothers, Mumpreneur business coach and YouTuber, I love sharing all my tips to ultimate health and wellness to other Mothers. I am passionate about loving your mind body and soul and setting cloud 9 goals for my business and family. We have one life let’s live it to the fullest.


It wasn’t always this way. From the age of 13 I used food as a drug whether it was extreme restriction which manifested in anorexia; trying to forget I had eaten with alcohol and partying; controlling my food through restriction or emotional binge eating which I believed kept me in control and ‘safe’. This cycle went on for 30 years it was exhausting, overwhelming and I existed numb to what life could offer. Constantly looking for ways to self sabotage my existence even when the universe tried to show me a different way I kept my self sabotage close.

Food was my drug but what I really needed to make peace with was myself and understand that food is nourishment and would enable my body to heal and was not my enemy, that was my inner critic voice that had almost taken over my thoughts.

Five years ago 6 months pregnant with my second baby,I awoke mentally and physically exhausted I knew there had to be another way this had never been the vision of my life every waking hour consumed with food. It was time to recover from a lifetime of dieting and reclaim the life I deserved. If not only for me but for my children they deserved a great mum.

One of the hardest things was learning I was worth recovery
— Demi Lovato

After that day, as it difficult as it felt I did not look back…..I now share what I learnt on my journey to empower others, that even when you think you are broken there is always a way forward when we choose life.

For me it was also time for me to be truthful with myself on how I wanted my life to look. Part of the reason I believe anorexia came back into my life consistently is I was trying to fit myself into what I thought others expected of me it had become what I thought success should look like. I was not achieving it because it wasn’t my true desire.

Today I am truly living the life I love, I work to a schedule that suits my family and I get to help others mothers fall back in love with themselves and their lives whether that is through my coaching a position which seems to have always been my true purpose and passion, I feel truly at home, grateful and blessed for this opportunity.

Sallyann xx

Do not let your past define your future
— Danielle La Porte